Covers for furniture, covers for sofas, covers for armchairs and chairs

The online-atore offers a wide range of multi-purpose covers for any kind of soft furniture from the Italian manufacturer. Beautiful elegant covers, fit the furniture of any shape perfectly, and their user-friendliness will be another pleasant surprise. The Italian covers are made from durable beautiful fabric, penetrated with fine rubber threads, which make the fabric very elastic. The cover fits the furniture steadily, following the countour of a sofa or an armchair of the most bizarre shape.

With the help of elastic covers you will be able to protect your favourite furniture from rapid wear, cover up old rubbed out leather, or change the design of the room without significant extra costs. You can change the colour of your sofa accodring to seasonal fashion trends. Your furniture will be grateful to your for this facelift.

Advantages of the Italian covers

These covers are multi-purpose. One and the same Italian cover, fits several sofa models perfectly. You don’t have to measure your sofa or call for an expert who would measure them for you, you will be able to do it yourself.

Quality. The Italian manufacturer guarantees high quality of fabric, seams, and colour.

Machine washing. The covers can endure machine washing without changing colours or deforming factory seams.

Fashion and style. Italy is an unconditional world trendsetter. You can surprise your guests by beautiful masterpieces of Italian designers, which will change your interior and please their owners.

Product range

Our product range includes armchair covers, covers for two-seater sofas, covers for three-seater sofas, cofers for corner sofas, chair covers, covers for decorative pillows, covers for car seats, pouffe covers, and also quilted bedspreads.

Small kids and pets

The elastic covers will protect your furniture if there is a small kid in your family. They are practical and can be used as a temporary measure, because after spending just a couple of minutes on putting on covers onto your furniture before guests with small kids arrive, you will be able to enjoy several hours of nice and pleasant interaction with your friends. We have another good news for you: if your pets use sofa as a scratching post, our covers will help you to forget about this problem.

Convenient and easy to buy

It is fast, easy and convenient – to buy products from our store. Buying the cover will help you to enjoy your leasure time and to do a facelift to your best friend, which is a sofa, of course. It will also protect the sofa from household spots and your favourite pets.

Elastic multi-purpose covers fit any sofa shape perfectly and match tailor-made covers in quality. The Italian covers for soft furniture will serve you well and long!

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